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Old 11-16-2017, 01:34 AM
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Great thread, thanks N+1

I have been trying to safely dry out an obviously wet old Ibanez dreadnought:
I have been having some good early success with your method with a few tweaks:

When I bought the guitar it was from out of town so I gave it a few weeks to settle in. Inside the case sat at 60% RH when closed.

I have set up a microclimate in a wardrobe. I dried it out thoroughly with a dehumidifier for a few days and left the case in there too to dry that out. I can now turn the dehumidifier on for about 2 hours a day and keep the RH at a steady 50%.

I use silica as you have suggested. I just use two infants wool socks stitched together and draped over the strings in the sound hole. You are right that the silica becomes quickly saturated early on. My first lot was done in 48 hours.

So far I am successfully maintaining about 45% in the case. Ideal for me would be to get to a point where little maintenance in required as you have. I realise it my take a few months but It has clearly made a difference to my guitar already.

In my case the guitar came playing great but with virtually no saddle left and a big top belly. Im think I'm gonna be able to alleviate this pretty successfully. Its already playing worse (never thought I'd be happy about saying that!)
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Old 11-16-2017, 12:51 PM
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Living in the South humidity is an issue always. Especially in the fall and Spring when it's too cool to run the A/C and the weather outside is still humid. In the winter it's usually dry enough outside that humidity is not an issue. Heat pumps do not dehumidify like a lot of other heat sources, and heat pumps are prevalent in the South.

I use these. Turbocharged silica gel packs. You get 280g of silica for $1.
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Old 01-10-2018, 02:10 PM
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There have been developments, so it's time for an update.

What I've discovered is that repeatedly regenerating 10g silica gel bags (by heating in an oven at 150 degrees Celsius for 90 minutes) works perfectly well UNTIL the seal on one of the gel packs breaks down. Then you find gel beads dribbling everywhere; and gradually, as a result, the stock of bags diminishes. I'm now finding (many months into the project) that one or two gel packs are bursting every time I regenerate them. So I've been doing a rethink. Obviously I could just buy more silica gel packs, but as we shall see, there are adventages in trying a different method.

First question:Can I find a way of sealing in the beads? I think I have a potential solution. The trick, surely, must be to stop relying on the glued edge seal of the gel packs, because it is that which fails in the oven - and I am trying the experiment of using small cheap cotton bags with a drawstring, like these:

Small cheap cotton bags

The idea is to put the gel packs into one of these, and tie the drawstring tight. This is intended to be the new permanent home of the beads. If any packs burst it won't matter, because the beads will be contained within the cotton bag. At regeneration time the whole cotton bag will go in the oven. I am optimistic that the cotton bags will cope OK with being heated to 115 degrees, which is a long way below the temperature at which cotton becomes spontaneously combustible.

There is a bonus. A single cotton bag containing 50g of beads, with tied drawstring, can be pushed neatly between the guitar strings, and it doesn't fall inside the guitar because the strings grip the 'gathered' top of the bag. This is much simpler then, than my previous 'invention'. No sewing is needed. The bags are amazingly cheap (12 for 3), and the experiment is at present under way.

I shall report back in due course.
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