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Originally Posted by moconno1 View Post
I would think that putting something between your fingertips and the strings would definitely take away from your ability to 'feel' your instrument.
And moconno1…
You almost snuck in - noticed it's your first post too, and already you are making suggestions to help.

Welcome to the forum and we are glad you joined.

I think sometimes it's a choice of adapt or don't play (especially during a healing episode) so many of us learn to adapt. I teach acoustic guitar, and there are times that some of my older students (50s & 60s) begin to adapt to injury.

I had a friend who tore off his picking thumb-nail (after it was smashed in a work accident). We had to vamp for him for several months with flat picks, then with superglue, and finally the side of the thumb toughened up as the nail grew out (he's a fingerstyler who would not give up). He was not as proficient, but he was playing...

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