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Originally Posted by EvanB View Post

I feel your pain. Several years ago the U.S. post office lost a guitar I had mailed and for several months I went through trial by bureaucracy. Just as the post office was about to pay, the guitar was found and returned. I sweat bullets on that mailing and suspect you're doing the same with yours.

I can imagine some lady down in Kentucky, sitting on her front porch, receiving a surprise Christmas present. She may not play guitar, but she could re-gift the instrument and make her guitar-playing cousin a happy man. And when approached by the UPS folks she can demand to know why her Christmas cookies haven't shown up.

Hopefully you had the shipment insured.

Geeesshh Unc Evy... at least you didn't suggest dueling banjos might be in the mix there.

I'd be darn anxious with the guitar out there somewhere
I have a battle on my thumbs are opposing my fingers.
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