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Originally Posted by Ditch View Post
I found my current teacher at a local jam. Great teacher and I have learned a lot. When I first moved here I went to a music store for lessons. This guy was horrible. I don't think he could teach a fish to swim. You have to do your homework and ask around. Best advise I can give is don't sign up for any sets of lessons. Pay as you go. You will know in a couple lessons if it will work out for you. Go with a list of goals you would like to reach and what you like to play.
My experience was similar to what Ditch described.

The best success I had was signing up for a workshop that was run by two teachers. One of them turned out to be a good match for what I was hoping to accomplish with lessons.

Be prepared for differences in how individual teachers approach lessons, and have an idea of the challenges you are facing that you want a teacher to help you conquer.

check the phone book, search online, stop at every music store in a 25 mile radius, no matter how small it is - I believe everyone music store knows at least one teacher and that teacher is likely to know another one.

word of mouth will ultimately be your best friend I suspect.

good luck

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