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Default Cordoba parlor guitars?

Does anybody have one or have played one? I have a Córdoba C10 crossover with the 1.80’’ nut and radiused fretboard. Was wondering what the neck felt like on the Parlor? Cordova’s spec sheet says just C-shape with 50mm nut and no radius. My c10 crossover is a 48mm nut with with the parlor at 50mm And I think a classical is 52mm?

So what is this like for someone to play that doesn’t want the widest of nuts and a large U-shaped neck? Would I notice very much the no radius, and is this 50 close enough to a 1 7/8’’ that I wouldn’t be all that bothered by it? The reviews on it by people on YouTube seemed to all like it and it’s a nice looking little thing. I’m looking for a couch guitar that’s smaller than my C10 which is a normal classical guitar body size. Used to have a classical guitar and the neck was always pretty hard for me to reach around, especially barre chords. I am not a classical guitar player, and would rate my ability of playing anything else and it advanced amateur

To anybody able to offer any help, thanks in advance
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