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Originally Posted by rodmbds View Post
Thanks rick, i did some more searching and also found this idea, which sound good and easy to do. Could you post a pic to see how it looks like?

Pardon me, I hope I'm not asking something like "who's Michael Jordan" but, who's Frank ford? Thanks
I may not get a chance to post a picture, but rest assured, it can't be seen.

Frank is the co-founder of Gryphon Strings and the owner of the website. Mention his name to most any contemporary luthier and you will likely get a nice lttle ramble about how they met Frank and his wisdom. I've never met Frank, but I'll bet he would love being compared to Michael Jordan!

He checks into AGF regularly, especially this section.

Also, Rod, it's a very easy fix and easily reversible... Put on the label and see what you think!


Ps: I once asked Dana Bourgeois a fairly convoluted question about strings and string tension on my guitar. He looked slightly annoyed, but shared this bit of wisdom, "Why don't you experiment and see how it sounds?" Great advice!
  • My favorite guitar: a Dana Bourgeois 00 Country Boy with SCGC parabolic strings. GAS solved (for now).
  • And this just in: My Sammy Shelor fingerpicks are paired with a Blue Chip JDM thumbpick - now that works just fine!

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