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Cool McIlroy AJ25cx (2003)... I may be crazy

It is time to downsize. I am just a few years out from the retirement dance and as a result we are down-sizing and planning on moving into a smaller abode next year.
Another change in my world is that I have begun to play more nylon string guitars as and baritone rather than my traditional steel string guitars, a change I didn't see coming. Playing more nylon has also made it much more difficult for me to pick up smaller nut guitars (1 &11/16”). With this in mind I have come to the realization that it might be time to do what I never thought I would do, sell my McIlroy AJ25cx. Besides being a sonic gem, this guitar has a bit of history to it. It was made in late 2002-early 2003. The serial number is 111. This was one of the first McIlroy’s purchased from John Fowler at Shoreline guitars, back when they were actually on the shoreline in California. At the time I was all set to order a different guitar, but at the last minute John suggested I consider a new builder, Dermot McIlroy. Considering John was one of the first, if not the first American shop to offer European builders I trusted his judgment. And so, on a whim, I did just that and ordered an AJ25c with a fret board and headstock inlay I designed. This guitar was the very first to sport what became Dermot’s signature Celtic knot fret board design. After the guitar was completed Dermot asked if he could use the design on future guitars, to which I agreed. The design is not necessarily unique but the significance to Dermot was very personal, hence his decision to use it on his guitars. If you look carefully at the Celtic knots on this guitar you will notice that each one is a bit different because each was done by hand after the neck was attached to the body. For future guitars the design was refined. The other unique feature on this guitar is the black abalone raven inlay on the headstock. I often refer to this guitar simply as “the raven.” The specs are below and I have the original build sheet signed by Dermot as well.

Anyone who knows me knows I do not use a plectrum but that I do play aggressively with my fingers. I am also known to be a bit of a klutz in general. Neither or these attributes bode well for a cedar-topped guitar. My mantra – “I only ding the ones I love.” I have never been one to treat guitars like ornaments of art. I play them and I play them hard. I truly believe this brings out the character of a guitar. Well, this guitar is one of most pleasing guitar sonically that I have ever owned. I have owned three guitars that I would consider worthy of “Holly Grail” discussion and this one is right at the top. I have plenty of recordings should someone want to hear what it is capable of, although none are equal to what this guitar sounds and feels like when you hold it close and caress its strings. The sonic beauty of the vibrant tones that emanates from this instrument are sublime. To play this guitar is to believe. In my book, that is all that matters. Looks are largely irrelevant, at least in terms of dings. Give me a well-played guitar over a beauty sealed in a case any day.

So, the bottom line is I am asking $2500 plus Paypal & shipping fees. Maybe I am crazy (I hear age can do that) and I might change my mind, but for now I am willing to see what happens..

McIlroy AJcx
Walnut back & sides
Cedar top
5 piece neck (Mahogany/Sycamore/Walnut/Sycamore/Mahogany
Solid ebony fret board, bound with Walnut & Sycamore purflings
Edge Bindings- Rosewood with Sycamore and Rosewood purfling inlays
Rosette- Abalone with Rosewood and Pear purfling Inlays
Headstock- Walnut with Sycamore purfling
Bridge- Brazilian Rosewood
Strap button Inlay- Rosewood with Sycamore & Rosewood purfling
Heal Cap- Rosewood with Sycamore & Rosewood purfling
Tuners - Gotoh Mini 510 Cosmo Black 18:1 (Only modification from original specs)

16 3/8" lower bout
12" upper bout,
4 3/4" maximum depth
25 1/2" scale length
Waist 10 3/4”
Length 401/2”
Nut 1 & 11/16”
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FOR SALE- McIlroy AJ25cx

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