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Originally Posted by dkoloff View Post
I have played the FT and thought it had a very nice tone and balance.....a little less rich sounding than my CA OX HG but in the ballpark. From other people reviewing the gloss in the rainsong is a bit brighter.
I played the OX and Shorty extensively, and side by side and there is no way the OX sounds more rich, especially the gloss version which always sounded a bit muddy to me compared to the Raw. I'll give you this though, the OX is the closest that CA has come to the Rainsong tone.

I also disagree with the reviews you've been reading about the gloss shorty being brighter. Unlike with CA's gloss vs Raw the tonal difference between the two Rainsong finishes are actually very minor, but if anything I find the FT might be brighter. Perhaps Ted will throw his opinion in the hat.
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