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03-12-2004, 05:20 PM
Anyone know anything about this model??

It's in a local pawn shop in pretty sad shape. Dread, No C, but an odd E (I think it is factory though), solid cedar top, not sure if the back and sides are solid. Yairi Signature on lower bout. Two outputs, two volume knobs, two EQ knobs, one toggle switch on the upper shoulder in ES fashion. Only one review on Harmony Central for this model and it states that one has a bi-phonic pickup system?? Thus why I think it is factory stuff. The saddle looks odd, very wide not thin like I'm used to seeing.

As I said, it's in sad shape. Two cracks in the top one in the middle of the top behind the bridge (no separation) and one on the lower bout that appears to have had a makeshift repair. Slight bulge behind the bridge and slightly sunken in front of the bridge. Numerous scratches and light gouges in the top and 19 years of fret year.

Other than the cracks, it looks like a 19 year old guitar that's been played but not well taken care of. With it's old strings, I can hear potential with some TLC. Plays OK, the G string could be raised at the nut (rattle at first fret).. I'd like to inspect the sunken/bulging bridge a little more.

I thinking of offering them 100 bucks and see what happens. I'm a sucker for beat up guitars that need a good home. :) It's marked at $349, $300 cash or could go a little lower I was told. I'm sure my 100 buck starting offer will insult. Particularly since the "handmade" point was made several times in the conversation this afternoon, regardless of the cracks, scratches.

Whew... Thanks for reading my ramble. Reply if you know anything about this model guitar.. Reply if ya wanna call me crazy for considering it or for whatever.. :roll:

03-12-2004, 07:30 PM
Bumping.. Hoping Steve314 might be able to kick in some info since he is a Yairi man..

03-12-2004, 10:01 PM
I had a Dy-62 and I think the only difference was the cutaway.....this was when they first came out. I actually had two of them......the bi-phonic pickup is arranged so you have one pickup and control for the E, A and D and one for the G, B and E if I am remembering correctly......it worked a bit better than anything else at the time, but had a tendency (like all) to be a little thin. It seems like I payed 962.00 at Elderly's brand new for it in the "dark ages".....a pretty good chunk of change for an Alvarez/Yairi at the time! The back and sides are likely solid burled Mahogany........in retrospect, although I thought it was a great guitar at the time, I remember replacing it with a Martin Shenandoah 00-2832 and it sounded quite a bit better overall than the Yairi.......I think they made it for more of a stage guitar than to be impressive acoustically..........

03-13-2004, 12:43 AM
Originally posted by nhsmitty
Bumping.. Hoping Steve314 might be able to kick in some info since he is a Yairi man..

Aw, you betcha'...

I've got an '86 Yairi DY-66. best guitar I've ever owned, bar none. Here ya' go; have a look:


I got this guitar in 1987, and it was in absolutely pristine condition. Well, I was having none of that!

My point is that I have beaten this thing repeatedly over the last 17 years, and it's still my "go to" guitar. After 17 years, it still plays as well (if not better) than the day I got it.

I wouldn't be as put off by the cracks as I would the other things you've mentioned, specifically the issues in front of and behind the bridge. The important thing to remember is that the bridge likely has little to do with what you're seeing.

In all probability, the braces are shot. The bulge behind the bridge is a tell-tale warning sign of braces giving up the ghost. When the top starts to sink in front of the bridge, the braces really are no longer doing what braces are supposed to do. Can it be fixed? Probably. Can it be fixed economically? Depends on the extent of the damage.

Bottom line, though, is that price. It's ridiculously high. When I got the DY-66, I was selling a Gibson Blue Ridge for $400.00. The guy who owned the Yairi wanted the Gibson, and I wanted the Yairi, so we simply traded. Ergo, I paid $400 for the Yairi seventeen years ago. Current Orion Blue Book pricing has it, in good condition, at around $200.00 (of course, it's absolutely priceless to me). Is mine in "good" condition? Ummm... anyway...

As good as Yairi's are, they rarely, if ever, appreciate in value. I can't think of a scenario which would put a reasonable value of $300.00 on that guitar, especially since it's going to need more than just a little bit of work.

In all honesty, I would probably pass on such a guitar, even at a hundred bucks. Yairi's in this series pop up on eBay regularly.

Hope this helps...


03-13-2004, 08:51 AM
Thanks fitness1

Thanks Steve314

03-13-2004, 02:36 PM
I went back and checked it out this afternoon. The top behind the bridge isn't bulging any worse than a couple of my older guitars. The top in front of the bridge isn't sinking in.. I can only offer a couple of reasons for my seeing all that yesterday.. It was after work on Friday and I was on the way home when I stopped in and was in a bit of a hurry to get home!! Even though I tried to stand under a light while inspecting the guitar, it wasn't the best of light. The dust collection in front of the bridge and the wedge shape of the bridge created an optical illusion with the above conditions.

I aksed for rock bottom price and he said 250. I asked if he would consider a trade and he agreed to take a look at an Ibanez Artwood CE I have. I had roughly 125 bucks in this guitar, bought it used on Ebay, and have never liked it.. Never cared for the way it played or sounded. Beautiful guitar, but never spoke to me. Long story shortened.. I traded even..

My first Yairi.. Always wanted one.. She ain't pretty and can take some tweaking, but I've had more fun on the Yairi (with the old cruddy strings still on it) since I brought it home than I ever had on the Ibanez I used in trade. The Yairi can explode tomorrow and I've already gotten my money's worth of enjoyment outta it.

03-13-2004, 02:44 PM

Did you dy-62 have two volume knobs, two EQ knobs and a toggle swith in the upper shoulder?? The pawn dude told me he knew the fellow that had this guitar and the fellow installed them himself, it's not factory installed. A piece of duct tape has fallen out already since we've been home!! There are no name or brand markings on anything. I might just rip 'em out anyway.. I'd rather have the holes in the guitar versus electric stuff I'm not gonna use. It will only leave four small holes, not a gaping square hole like other stuff.

03-14-2004, 06:32 PM
Originally posted by fitness1
I think they made it for more of a stage guitar than to be impressive acoustically..........

Could be.. This one sounds good to me acoustically. We all know how that goes..

I changed strings and the buzzing open G string calmed down. I put a new battery in the electronics but haven't tested it yet. If it works, I'll leave it be. If not, i'll rip it all out and shim up the saddle or install a new one.. Didn't buy it because of electronics. Bought it because it felt good when played.. I'm giving it a few days to adapt to new strings, soak up some humidity and go from there..

This guitar plays like butter.. :)

Glad I went back for a second look..

03-14-2004, 07:27 PM
those buttons were installed at the factory......it's the same setup I had. If I remember correctly, you need a Y-cable (there are two outputs as well, right?) to plug it in. Glad you are enjoying it!

03-14-2004, 07:34 PM
Originally posted by fitness1
those buttons were installed at the factory......it's the same setup I had. If I remember correctly, you need a Y-cable (there are two outputs as well, right?) to plug it in. Glad you are enjoying it!

Yep, two output jacks on the bottom below the end pin.

03-16-2004, 06:22 PM
I played my DY38 for 10 years exclusively prior to getting my Taylor. I paid roughly 550 for it new. I must say... it is built like a brick shutzpah-house. I never humidified it until recently... just kept her in the case, and no problems.

The Taylor is definitely more fun to play, but I can't say much negative for the DY38. It is my "take-out" guitar.